All I Need Is Explosion

WASD to Move

Right Click to Explosion


Wander the Semi-Aquatic dungeon as a Wizard with Only One spell. You'll need to collect a new staff each level, and after firing off your Explosion magic you'll be left pretty defenseless. This is a submission to the GMTK 2019 Game Jam, with the theme as "Only One".

Heavily, heavily inspired by Megumin from KonoSuba.

Made withUnity


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best megumi game eve

Nice game! I really enjoyed the concept that there was like a cooldown time after you used the staff, it made it so much more fun when you got all of the enemies in one shot. This game was so much fun to play and I liked all the different characters that you have created :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

Absolutely hilarious, and makes great use of a clever concept. Kudos!

Thanks for playing! Humor can be very hit or miss, and we're glad that the humor hit this time! (and wasn't subsequentially defeated by frogs)

I love the visuals (especially froggies), was totally expecting 2d but the perspective and playing with camera with the explosion made this really fun and nice to look at. So many nice touches with particle effects and like a surprising amount of polish for time limit. Also love the concept ( and the reference :D) Great work! and best of luck WispyMouse

Ever since playing Pokemon Black and White, we've loved this sort of sprite-heavy 3D aesthetic. A dramatic zoom in for the explosion was the first idea that we had, so the game's visuals were adapted to suit it. After adding tall walls and the waving water, the perspective came together better than expected. Thanks for playing, and for the detailed comment!

The zoom-in got me by surprise. Really satisfying to watch all the enemies get knocked off. Had a lot of fun playing this! Great work

The camera zoom and pop-pop-pop was basically the first thing that got worked on, to try and sell ourselves on the charm. Took some revisions, and perhaps lingers a bit long, but it seems like people found it satisfying. Thanks for playing!

A very well built game!

Good Work 

But, the game could use some animations.

Absolutely could use animations. All of the "animations" in the game are single frame state things. The number one take away from this game is that animation state machines should be an early part of even game jam games; it quickly became too cumbersome to actually add more animation states. Would have loved to make the character's cape flutter when you cast explosion, for example.

Thank you for the feedback!

The one with the big and small frogs falling at different times did present a bit of a (fun!) challenge.  Was a very cute game overall, and I'm a fan of our little witch friend.

The frogs desyncing ended up being slightly harder than expected, but it seemed manageable for most people. Glad you enjoyed, Mairi!


The aesthetic choice to zoom in after shooting and then tick off each enemy one by one really sold this for me. Lining up a fireball and getting a 6 enemy combo is very satisfying.

Some of the enemies appeared en masse, but having more enemies didn't always affect things. For example, it doesn't much matter if there is more than one frog, since they all fall at the same time. The big/small frog difference is neat, but because their cycles are of slightly different lengths, a "beat frequency" effect can occur. The "Frog Gauntlet" level is made easier if you bring the frogs all the way back to the start, as by then the two different kinds of frog cycles sync up. Not sure if this is intentional.

Great game!


The explosion zoom was one of the first things that was worked on. We weren't sure how fun the core game was, so to convince us to work on it more there was some time spent getting the zoom and pop-pop right. Afterwards, it felt a lot more rewarding to work on the game.

The game design sort of painted itself in to a wall early, in regards to Frogs and having more enemies. When your only action is immediate victory or defeat, the actual amount of enemies can't really make a difference. Maybe with more brain-time, we could come up with more meaningful enemy groupings.

Thanks for playing, and for leaving a detailed review!


This is really fun!

Thank you for playing! We made sure to include some circles in it.